Grow in a digital world

We help businesses develop software-based revenue streams and enable digital transformations.

What we do

We help businesses undertake digital transformation (DX) initiatives and grow in a software-driven world. Our engagements are carefully designed to minimize risks and maximize ROI.


Identify software products that make a meaningful impact on your business

Launch MVP-1

Develop the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP-1) and test it out at your beta customers


Continuously enhance the product to grow the customer base and product revenues

Why choose us?

Unlike traditional technology vendors that are primarily interested in resource utilization and billable hours, we look to create tangible value for our clients. Our platform, process and pricing have been designed to create quick wins and lasting partnerships.


Our Platform

Our cloud-hosted PaaS, based on a “λ-calculus of concepts”, radically reduces the effort of building enterprise applications.
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Our Process

We follow the Lean Startup Model to quickly collect customer feedback and iterate to find the right product-market fit.
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Our Pricing

As the product gains traction, we shift to a value-based pricing model to continuously improve and scale the offering.
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Our Team

Our executive team consists of startup veterans and a global network of designers, developers and QA professionals.
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Areas of Expertise

The single theme that connects all our areas of expertise is digital transformation (DX) — taking your business to the next level by leveraging digital technologies.


“We have worked with Sridhar and the team at LambdaZen for several years now and continue to be more impressed with each subsequent engagement/interaction. Their ability to work with us developing creative solutions and then rapidly delivering on those designs has provided tremendous value to our organization. LambdaZen is a key partner in our business. ”

Chuck Bean

Partner at The Martec Group
“LambdaZen is powering our product development and we are extremely happy with both the quality of the product is being delivered and the speed of delivery. ”

Sudi Sankavaram

Partner at Radus Software
“LambdaZen is more than a vendor; the team is a true partner in the success of your business! ”

Holly Fox

Founder at Stealth Startup