APIs and Integrations

Innovate faster with APIs and SDKs

While problem solving is a fundamental skill we all possess, not everyone should have to solve the same problems.
— Thomas Erl, top-selling IT author

The rise of APIs and the API economy have dramatically reduced the effort required to create new applications and connect existing ones. APIs typically fall under one of these categories:

  1. Integration APIs: These APIs expose the information in an existing SaaS offering, like a CRM. Integration APIs are great to connect existing cloud applications together to implement new and more comprehensive business solutions. For instance, a repair scheduling system can integrate with an existing cloud application like Calendly to handle generic scheduling requirements.
  2. Business-process-as-a-service APIs: These APIs enable business processes like payment processing. They help add powerful functions to an application, like sending SMS messages or processing payments. For instance, it is possible to integrate credit card payments into a web application in a matter of days with Stripe. Without an API like Stripe, the process of getting a PCI certification would alone take several months.
  3. Backend-as-a-service APIs: These APIs provide access to core Big Data and AI technologies. Please refer to our article on Artificial Intelligence to learn more about AI APIs.
Integrations implemented by LambdaZen

The LambdaZen team has a lot of experience creating solutions that sit on top of public APIs. We have built products that integrate with over 70 public APIs.

Our deep expertise in API integrations lets us identify the right set of tools, apps and SDKs for your digital transformation initiatives, enterprise SaaS and business intelligence engagements.