Grow in a software-driven world

We collaborate with businesses to develop software-based revenue streams with low risk, high ROI and fast time-to-market.

Partnership Model

Step 1: Envision

Identify opportunity

  • Our team of startup veterans work closely with our partners to identify cloud-hosted applications that enhance their IP and services.

Step 2: Build

Launch MVP

  • We develop a Minimum Viable Product for a small investment from our partner, using our unique technology platform and a Lean-Agile mindset.

Step 3: Grow

Grow revenues

  • Our partners go to market with the MVP. We take a share of the revenues to host, maintain and improve the product to maximize its revenue potential.

Unique Platform

Our solutions are built on the ConceptJS — a highly efficient and scalable cloud-computing platform based on a formal system of logic.

One language

ConceptJS embraces Javascript for all client-side and server-side scripting, as with the popular Node.js and Meteor frameworks.

One abstraction

Applications in ConceptJS are built as a web of concepts. Concepts are abstract building-blocks with roots in λ-calculus and type theory.

One vocabulary

Concepts in your application map to the vocabulary of your domain, which improves communication and collaboration.


Our platform is built to scale using the latest Big Data technologies such as Apache Cassandra and Elastic Search.


ConceptJS apps can be edited directly through a secure web-based IDE, reducing the time taken to build and maintain your application.

Efficient DevOps

ConceptJS simplifies DevOps to a point where forks and merges on GitHub are instantly reflected on your application.


We have worked with Sridhar and the team at LambdaZen for several years now and continue to be more impressed with each subsequent engagement/interaction. Their ability to work with us developing creative solutions and then rapidly delivering on those designs has provided tremendous value to our organization. LambdaZen is a key partner in our business.

— Chuck Bean, Partner at The Martec Group

LambdaZen is powering our product development and we are extremely happy with both the quality of the product is being delivered and the speed of delivery.

— Partner, Radus Software LLC

LambdaZen is more than a vendor; the team is a true partner in the success of your business!

— Holly Fox, Founder at Stealth Startup

About Us

CEO, Co-founder

Sridhar Ramachandran

Invented the concept model.
Co-founded Auripay and OATSystems.
Researched algorithms at MIT.

VP Engg, Co-founder

Tao Zhan

Expert in Big Data and cloud computing.
Architected software at Checkpoint Systems.
Researched databases at UMCP.