Business Intelligence

Understand and visualize your business

Data has huge inherent value, but it is failing to serve business leaders, in part because it is inaccessible and doesn’t have proper context.
— Josh James, Founder and CEO of Domo

The purpose of Business Intelligence is to support better business decision making. Unfortunately, in many organizations, the term “business intelligence” is synonymous with self-service tools that largely fall short of this promise.

In many cases, a handful of well-understood reports are better than a hodgepodge of DIY reports with little contextual information. We believe that successful BI implementations have the following pre-requisites:

  1. Common vocabulary for data and metrics: Business users and data scientists need to agree on what the different data elements and fields mean. This vocabulary feeds into the various filtering criteria and hierarchies.
  2. Well-designed, interactive visualizations: Business users and data scientists need to collaborate on the right design for reports that help identify patterns visually. These visualizations also need to be interactive so that a click or mouse-over shows the right level of detail.
  3. Right choice of tools: For most projects, the right choice of tools involves client-side Javascript libraries for reporting and, if needed, cloud-hosted systems for backend processing.
  4. Validation against existing systems: The processed information needs to be validated against existing systems to make sure that the right information is being used in the visualizations and reports.

We think that the BI space is going through a revolution where a new generation of HTML5-based reporting libraries like D3, HighCharts, Google Charts and KeyLines are exposing powerful interactive visualizations on the browser. At the same time, backend processing is being revolutionized by cloud-based iPaas (integration Platform-as-a-Service) and more foundational technologies in Big Data like Storm, Kafka, Amazon SPICE. These tools in the hands of the right team of technologists and domain experts can make BI effective, affordable and scalable.

Our team has worked on complex BI projects and reporting portals involving most of the above-mentioned technologies, and we would love to help you with your BI initiatives.